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Alcygol B
( Foliar Fertilizer)

Technology with seaweed extract, with a high concentration of soluble boron associated with bioactivity, preventing and reducing the effects of biotic and abiotic stresses, the product can be applied in different stages of development, promoting quantitative and qualitative gains in agricultural production. For more information about this product, contact Celena .

(Octaborate Sodium 20.5%)

Boron is one of seven essential micronutrients for all types of plants. Its application is fundamental for the optimization of the productive potential of the crops, in addition to improving the quality of the crops. It is a micronutrient with a macro function compared to top dressing such as (N, P, K). Despite being used in small quantities, it enhances production by increasing the number, quality and size of grains in each plant. Numerous analyzes indicate widespread deficiency of boron available in all soils where agriculture is practiced. The lack of this micronutrient affects all cultures. For more information about this product, contact Celena .


For the planting of canola, a seeder with a kit adapted for small seeds is used, preferably the seeder with discs developed for canola, with the recommendation of 3.5 mm discs with 50 holes and a lowered ring.

For the planting of sunflower, the disks for planting are according to the palatability for each lot. For more information about this product, contact Celena .

(Pod Sealer)

Pod-Stick is a technology developed to reduce losses in situations of high yield in crops that have a predisposition to open pods naturally or in the harvesting process. For more information about this product, contact Celena .

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