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About Celena

Celena is a vertical company in the agribusiness chain.

It acts in all stages (focus on second crop crops) - canola, sunflower, high oleic sunflower and biscuit wheat - starting in the search for the best seeds and agronomic practices until the processing of the final product.

In the soy chain, we focus on the processing and packaging of oil for the sale of the packaging to the final consumer under our Lilac and Violet brands.

We are a family owned and operated business.

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With a focus on the field, from the origination of these “safrinha” products, Celena seeks differentiated competitiveness based on its expertise in harvests of “non-commodities” products in the country.

With a well-implemented and profitable origination for the rural producer, the subsequent processing steps remain consistent and sustainable.

We recently incorporated tropical oils (palm kernel, palm stearin, ...) in our line of operation in order to complement our presence in the vegetable oil spectrum, adding tanking in the ports of Paranaguá and Santos.

In this view, we built in partnership with producers in Mato Grosso, Parecis S / A , an industry totally conceived as multi-seeds where in addition to soybeans we process sunflower and cottonseed.

Celena has been growing and overcoming challenges since 1998, consolidating its insertion in the market as a company of first choice for customers in the markets in which it operates.


  • Hybrid adaptation research.

  • Sale of seeds and inputs.

  • Agronomic technical assistance.

  • Grain receiving.

  • Grain processing - bran and oil.

  • Filling of vegetable oils.

  • Import and distribution of tropical oils.

  • Tanks in the ports (Santos and Paranaguá) of vegetable oils.

  • Third party oil filling service.

Location / Units

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Our story

  • 1998 - Celena arises from the expertise of 2 partners, originating from the origination of oils and metallic packaging. Refining and filling of soy oil in Eldorado do Sul-RS begins.

  • 2000 - launch of the canola 2000 program, in Santa Rosa-RS, to encourage national canola production.

  • 2004 - With the canola origination program consolidated, Celena becomes the largest originator of this oilseed in the country.

  • 2005 - Installation of an oil filling line for pet bottles in Eldorado do Sul with a capacity of 3,000,000 units per month. Celena starts offering filling services to third parties.

  • 2007 - The high oleic sunflower origination program begins, a product with demand inserted in the global movement to reduce saturated and trans fats.

  • 2009 - Celena establishes an origination partnership in Santa Rita, Paraguay, to make possible the extension of grain production in proper logistics in Mercosur.

  • 2012 - Opening of the Campo Novo do Parecis-MT unit for receiving grains with an emphasis on sunflower.

  • 2013 - The companies Parecis Alimentos - producers of Campo Novo do Parecis - and Celena constitute Parecis S / A, aiming to implement the crushing of grains, still focusing on sunflower.

  • 2015 - Start-up of the affiliate Parecis S / A, the largest sunflower processing operation in the country, totally conceived in the multi-seeds concept to process the multiple oilseeds that the region can produce.

  • 2018 - Acquisition of the vegetable oil brand Violeta, a traditional brand in the history of soy oil in Brazil.

  • 2018/1 - Start of activities in tropical oils at Celena with opening of the branch in São Paulo and tanking in the port of Santos.

  • 2019 - Transfer to Giruá of the processing unit and filling of vegetable oils.

  • 2019/1 - Beginning of the processing of cottonseed at Parecis S / A in mechanical presses.

  • 2020 - Investment in a pet bottle blowing unit in the Giruá unit (photo blowing line and the Violet can).

  • 2020/1 - Opening of a branch with tanking in the port of Paranaguá.

  • 2020/2 - Implementation of chemical extraction for processing cottonseed at Parecis S / A.

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